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Car quiz questions

Looking for motoring, racing and general car quiz questions to download for your pub or social fun quiz?

Click the link here and go see Freequizzes who'll give you all the car quiz questions you'll ever need (and more besides!) For example -

  • Motorsport and Car general knowledge - 8 sets of 10 questions about cars, motoring and motor sport.
  • The Mini! 10 questions about everyone's favourite car - The Mini.
  • Car badges and marques - 20 car badges - name the manufacturer.
  • Car pictures - Name the make and model of these 20 cars.
  • Cars from TV and Movies - 20 pictures of cars, name the TV programme or film in which they featured.
  • Car model teasers - Some sets of car models (e.g. 106, 206, 307) - name the manufacturer (Answer Peugeot)
  • Car drivers teasers - mMatch the TV and film driver with the make and model of car they drove
Car quiz questions

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