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Free Halloween quiz questions

Yes they're as free as the word allows! No strings no catch, no nothing.

Just copy and paste or print off any you like to use in any way you like - and that's it, I told you as free as the word allows did I not?

So here they are - Easy or hard? Well as ever "that depends"...on who you are, where you live, your age etc etc!

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Q1.      Halloween is celebrated on?   

A.        1st October                                          B.        15th October

C.        30th October                                        D.        31st October


Q2        The tradition of dressing up started because? 


A         We try to scare away evil spirits         B.        It’s a way to honour the dead

C         So when the evil spirits came they would not recognize you


Q3        Another name for Halloween is? 


A         The feast of the dead                          B         Samhain

C         All Hallows Eve                                   D         All of the above


Q4        The Celts believed that the Lord of the dead traveled the earth on Halloween. What was his name?  


A         Lord Seamus                                       B         Lord Samhain

C         Lord Shanley                                      D         Lord McShandly


Q5        Before they happened upon pumpkin, the Irish carved Jack o’ lantern out of what? 


A         Turnips                                                B         Potatoes

C         Rutabagas                                           D         All of the above


Q6        How much did the world’s largest pumpkin weigh? 


A         714 lbs                                                 B         1,502 lbs

C         1,524 lbs                                              D         2,313 lbs


Q7        According to the phobia list, which phobia is the fear of Halloween? 


A         Hallophopbia                                       B         Triskaphobia

C         Samhainophobia                                   D         Eattomuchcandyophobia


Q8        A male witch is known as a? 


A         Witchman                                            B         Warlock

C         Halloweenie                                        D         There’s no such thing


Q9        The first Halloween greetings card was made in? 


A         700 BC                                                B         1492

C         Early 1900                                           D         During the 1770 revolutionary wars


Q10      Which custom began as a way to find out who will get married first? 


A         Trick or treating                                   B         Bobbing for apples

C         Making the best jack o’ lantern           D         The first to stroke a witches cat at midnight on Halloween




Q11      What does the old English word “Hallow” mean? 


A         Spirit                                                   B         Saint

C         Spook                                                  D         Sin


Q12      People in which country celebrate their cultures Halloween by eating sweet skulls? 


A         Mexico                                                 B         Italy

C         Aboriginal Australia                             D         Scotland


Q13      A popular Halloween drink in 18th century Ireland was called “ Lambs Wool” and was made of milk and crushed, roasted…………….what? 


A.        Apples                                                 B         Potatoes

C         Grapes                                                 D.        Chestnuts


Q14      Which or the following people passed away on Halloween? 


A         Dwight Eisenhower                             B         River Phoenix

C         Kurt Cobain                                        D         Boris Karloff


Q15      Pumpkins grow on? 


A         Stalks                                                  B         Trees

C         Vines                                                   D         Bushes


Q16      In what year can we expect to have a full moon on Halloween? 


A         2010                                                    B         2015

C         2020                                                    D         2025


Q17      The Celts celebrated their new year on? 


A         13th October                                        B         1st   November

C         21st December                                     D         1st January


Q18      What name is given to a group of witches? 


A.        Convoy                                               B.        Covern

C         Cauldron                                             D         Commune


Q19      What priests first celebrated what we have come to know as Halloween? 


A         French                                                 B         Christians

C         Druids                                                 D         Romans


Q20      At Halloween party guests traditionally bob for ? 


A         Turnips                                                B         Oranges

C         Skulls                                                  D         Apples

Answers here

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