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Loads of fun - As one quizmaster says - 
Thanks for the questions so far nick i regularly compere a quiz every Friday, they are not the brightest of bunch so i am being very selective with my choices. In work we are loving the strange laws in America that still exist, love the one about the no gorilla in the back seat law. Anyway thanks again for the emails look forward to every batch. cheers


  • You'll get the first 1000 right away - no emails to wait for etc!
  • The "other" 9000 free questions and answers follow daily over the next 9 days by way of an email with a link to a web page where you click to download the days question and answer pack.
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To whet your appetite here are the first 20 from day 1 -
You'll get the Day One numbers 1-1000 right after you fill the form below.

  1. Carl and the Passions changed band name to what? The Beach Boys 
  2. How many rings on the Olympic flag? Five 
  3. What colour is vermilion a shade of? Red 
  4. King Zog ruled which country? Albania 
  5. What colour is Spock's blood? Green 
  6. Where in your body is your patella? Knee ( it's the kneecap ) 
  7. Where can you find London bridge today? USA ( Arizona ) 
  8. What spirit is mixed with ginger beer in a Moscow mule? Vodka 
  9. Who was the first man in space? Yuri Gagarin 
  10. What would you do with a Yashmak? Wear it - it's an Arab veil 
  11. Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans? Judas Escariot 
  12. Which mammal lays eggs? Duck billed platypus 
  13. On television what was Flipper? Dolphin 
  14. Who's band was The Quarrymen? John Lenon 
  15. Which was the most successful Grand National horse? Red Rum 
  16. Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man? Lee Majors 
  17. In the song Waltzing Matilda - What is a Jumbuck? Sheep 
  18. Who was Dan Dare's greatest enemy in the Eagle? Mekon 
  19. What is Dick Grayson better known as? Robin (Batman and Robin) 
  20. What was given on the fourth day of Christmas? Calling birds 



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  1. Perfect for any fun quiz. Full of geography, history, people, movie, music, fun and odd questions. Even some rather adult ones to look out for. 
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